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Closing down this site :(
After much deliberation with the organizers of the Nudes a Poppin event, it seems that this partnership can no longer proceed. :( We will (hopefully) keep the site up for the next 30+ days for the current memberships to expire, however, after that it will completely go away. Thank you for your patronage to this project! Jim owner, nebraskacoeds.com

This morning, our local news station featured our Ponderosa Sun Club in a 5 minute story during their morning show! Pretty funny, and interesting to see the grounds where the Nudes a Poppin festival is shot every year, featured on the morning news! Here's the link:

Today I would like to announce the fact that I have completely rebuilt the entire server cluster hosting the site! Everything should be running faster than ever for you! Hope you enjoy the new speed of the site! (it has taken me and my techs about a month to work through all the kinks, sorry to those of you that have had to experience some of these kinks personally!)

We spent all weekend shooting this years event! For the first time in beautiful 4k 60 frames per second crystal clear video! Here are some shots from the award ceremony at the end of the day yesterday (Sunday) ... over 40 girls this year... Will post the first official update to the site from this year's event on July 26th (this Sunday)!

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