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Welcome to the One and Only OFFICIAL website for the world famous Nudes-A-Poppin Festival held every year, for the past 40 years, here at the Ponderosa Sun Club in beautiful Roselawn, Indiana. It’s family run by 2 generations of the same family, over the years. When I’m asked to describe what Nudes a Poppin is, the best way that I have come up with over the years is to say that, “It’s a Stripper Contest, at a Nudist Resort in Indiana”. While that does get the gist across to people that may be unfamiliar with this yearly event, it really fails to convey the fact that this is more of a Nude Beauty pageant, featuring hot women, aged 18-40ish from all around… Everyone that attends is allowed and even ENCOURAGED to bring their own photo and video cameras to take photos of and shoot video of the beautiful, FULLY NUDE, contestants. As well as all of the nudity that happens out in the crowd (aka outside the event fence) I often see younger 20 something girls attending, but then getting naked also in the crowd … I started this collection of photos and video from the past and current nudes a poppin events back in 2002, when I first heard of it. I own and operate some other popular sites online (namely nebraska coeds), and so I presented the idea of opening this site to the Nudes a Poppin event organizers… After some serious negotiation, and arm twisting, they finally allowed me to make this site! This is the Internet’s ONE resource for the best quality photos and videos that have been shot at Nudes a Poppin, currently as far back as 1990. Although I am currently trying to find other sources of older Photos and Video to post as well. (*if you know someone that might have old video or photos from older nudes a poppin, please email me) We are shooting the current year(s) events using State-of-the-art 4k Sony Professional Video equipment, as well as Top of the Line, “Full Frame” SLR digital photo cameras. I hope you enjoy the site, I personally post each and every update here to the site, 2-3 times per week. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at necoeds@gmail.com, I respond very quickly to all mail. Also, ALL of the photos and video that appear on this site are EXCLUSIVE to Nudesapoppin.com and do not appear anywhere else online
Latest Network Updates
July 1992 Nudes A Poppin Festival Throwback Thursday
In the early 1990's the contestant count was usually 40 to 50. To keep the stage filled all day, the NAP folks would do multiple stage appearances with the girls. This was especially true for the beauty contest. All the girl contestants would be introduced to the audience and judges for the first round. The judges voted by holding up numbered cards 1-10 backwards so the girls could not see the number but a person behind the judges could record the score)s). Later in the day the top 10 would be paraded onto the stage again for a second round of voting. These girls were guaranteed to go home with a trophy and some cash Keep your eye on the girl in the white cowboy hat. She was from Brad's Gold Club in Indianapolis. She was stunningly beautiful. On the first vote she got all 10's. She didn't see the vote; but the audience behind the stage did, and they told her she won. So, in round two voting little miss cowboy paraded across the stage with a real attitude. Check the winners shots to see the results of the snooty attitude.

Tags: 1992, Shot by James Hamilton
Photos From Both Saturday And Sunday During The 2004 Nudes A Poppin Festival Shot By Glenn
There is more than just a contest going on at the Ponderosa Sun Club. Sometimes what goes on outside the fence is just as entertaining as the actual contest. While some of us have specific photo and video assignments for NAP; Glenn is free to roam the entire park and capture everything that goes on over the two days of the festival. Some of the shots are the standard pix of the contestants, but other shots will show you behind the scenes of the two days of NAP. In this set Glenn has been able to capture all of the naughty fun that the contestants and the spectators get into. This set also contains shots of every girl that participated in the July 2004 event.

Tags: 2004, Shot by Glenn
2006 Festival Photos Shot By Brian
2006 was Nudes-a-Poppin' at its best. By the end of Saturday registration at noon; dozens and dozens of hot girls were in the park; stark naked and anxiously waiting for the fun and games to begin. First up was the group shot with and without the magazine banners.. Then the girls were available for one on one shoots. After that everybody headed to Rich Miller's place for lots of sexy shenanigans. It was a fun time and the contest hadn't even started. Sunday rocked too! More girls showed up and by 10AM the contest was underway. Tracy Bingham and Ron Jeremy hosted the show. For the next 8 hours 5,000 visitors got to watch 80 girls, prance, pose, parade and perform bare ass naked. The audience loves the girls and they cheer for everything the girls do. The contestants love the attention and bare it all for the fans. Here are 1,600 photos of just about everything that happened over two days in Mid-July. Did I mention there was a wet T-shirt contest too!

Tags: 2006, Shot by Brian Y
Photos From The 2009 Nudes A Poppin Show Shot By Glenn
Porn Star Sunny Lane made the first of several appearances guest hosting at NAP. The audience loved her and she has been back a couple more times since. The non-porn star was David Faustino who played Bud on the hit TV show "Married With Children". Most of the guest hosts take NAP in stride and maintain a level of coolness. Well David was like a kid in a candy store and a his testosterone level must have gone off the charts. He spent most of the day hustling every contestant in the contest! By 2009 Shay Lynn had become a multi contest regular. Shay Lynn brought a special show to honor Michael Jackson who had died a month earlier. June 25, 2009 to be precise. You can see photos of her starting on Page 22. Glenn doesn't have photos of her show, so check out other 2009 show updates for those. I had ask a couple of girls to compete for the first time and they both showed up. Heaven #51 is a very busty girl who has a Bachelor Party business booking dancers. You can see her on Page 10 third row & Page 14 second row. Heaven brought two other girls with her and you can see them at the bottom of Page 14 and into 15. The little dark haired girl is smokin' hot. Another invitee was #9 Tiffany West. If you are into cute, petite, natural bodied red heads; she is your girl. She competed in the Miss Nude Rising Star category and her show was a little scout girl selling cookies. Trust me if this girl showed up at your front door you would buy a whole case of cookies! She went home with a bunch of trophies including the Cheri Magazine award for the best natural body. With the sun setting behind the trees it was trophy time. Jaded Dawn #37 won the Entertainer of the Year trophy. Franchesca #55 won Miss Nude Galaxy and Dakota won Miss Nude North America.

Tags: 2009, Shot by Glenn
Vintage Nudes A Poppin Photos From July 1993
There are some interesting side bar stories about some of the contestants from the July 1993 show. Go to Page 2, row 3. The pretty brunette with the collar is Layla. She was a model that had done some nude photo work for me. I met her when I took a computer to a repair company and she was the receptionist. I rarely gave my card to a stranger but, in her case I took the chance and she was interested in shooting nude photos. The magazines loved her and with that success I suggested that she compete at Nudes-a-Poppin'. I picked her up and brought her to the Ponderosa. She had never been nude in front of a crowd before. Well she loved it and so did the crowd and the judges. In the bottom left corner is a photo of Layla with the third place trophy for Miss Nude Galaxy. Go to Page 6 bottom row 4th photo. Contestant #42 Misty Blue. Do you know who that is? I'll give you a clue. She got a big boob job, traveled to California and became a major porn star and feature dancer. Give up. The girl is Lovette. She was one of the hottest porn stars of the late 1990's and early 2000's. I ended up doing a lot of photo and video work with her. We have remained friends to this day. Go to Page 5 Top left corner first three shots. Contestant #5 is Amber Rose. She danced at the Mermaid Lounge in Kalamazoo, MI. I did a lot magazine photo shoots with her. One of my clients that loved her was SCORE Magazine. I was able to get Amber Rose and invitation to The SCORE Boob Cruise #3. You will find more of her in this update and other NAP events. I am trying to locate her and so is the old General Manager of the Mermaid Lounge. If you know how to contact her please email the web master of this site. And at the bottom of the page check out contestant #32 Lissa Marie. She kept winning and winning and winning. Three more trophies this time!

Tags: 1993, Shot by James Hamilton
Nudes A Poppin 2009 Saturday Footage From Camera Guy Bill Part 2 Of 2
Saturday at Nudes-a-Poppin evolved over the years. In the early 90's the early bird registered girls wandered around looking for something to do and we obliged them by shooting quickie photo shoots. These days Saturday starts with registration runs from 7:30 to noon. Then the naked fun in the sun begins. There is pole dancing competition, followed by the Miss Nude Rising Star preliminary round of shows. With that completed everyone heads for "The Pit". Ed and Adara, of ScandalouS fame had set up two bed size inflatable pools. One was for sexy oil wrestling and the other for shaving cream wrestling. It is amazing to see what happens with seeming nice girls when prize money and a wrestling belt are offered to the winner. The claws come out and they really go at it. Adara and Malibu Barbie served as referees. The oil wrestling encouraged lots of erotic behavior between contestants with simulated sex and pussy grinding. Eventually Adara and Malibu Barbie ended up in the pools too! This update has 45 minutes of wrestling video and a few photos of the wrestling. There are also photos from the group shot too. I quick check of the girls wrestling included Jaded Dawn; Shay Lynn; Taryn Wylde; heavily tattooed Black Widow; Nakita Kash and more. Shay Lynn won the full size pro wrestling style belt.

Tags: 2009, Shot by Bill
Cojones And Madman Solid Photos And Video From Nudes A Poppin 2013 3 Of 3
The boys work the event from beyond the fence. If you can secure a couple of good spots the photos are pretty nice. The video kicks off with Porn Star Sunny Lane doing an impromptu dance for the folks outside the fence. A series of girls climb on top of the posing platforms to show off to the crowd. Number 15 in the pool is Rebel. She is as cute and sexy as they come. Number 34 is Darcy and she is not bad either. In the photos Pages 1 -16 are devoted exclusively to Natasha Vega's feature show. The girl is beautiful and her boobs are magnificent. This is probably the most photos of a feature show ever shot at Nudes-a-Poppin'. Natasha has shot some porn too so look her up on the porn sites. If you are in search of complete coverage of the Wet T-Shirt contest start at Page 18 and you will finish at page 56. If she moved or got wet these boys have a photo of her. The Wet T contest is real girl city. Some are cute and others are subpar. Small tits to a grandma with monster boobs hanging to her waist! The rest of the update is shots of the girls posing on the platforms that are just inside the perimeter of the fence. The number of contestants was down from previous years but the quality of the girls was good overall. Even porn star Sunny Lane made it to the platforms. Starting on page 80 ending on page 84 you will find a nice series of shots of Sunny.

Tags: 2013, Shot by Cojones, Shot by Madman
Cojones And Madman Solid Photos And Video From Nudes A Poppin 2013 2 Of 3
This update covers most of the Saturday activities at the contest. The dancers on stage are girls competing in the preliminary round of Miss Nude Rising Star. In recent years there are as many as 20 girls in the category and it becomes impossible to accommodate that many feature shows on Sunday considering that there will be at least 10 feature shows from the established dancers. There is simply not enough time to stage and in many cases clean up after a show. Consequently the Miss Nude Rising Star contestants have a dance off with the top 10 moving on to Sunday. There are photos and video from the Saturday goings on at the "Pit" with the girls doing orgasm contests. The video is fun to watch. On Saturday there is lots of time for the girls to just goof off, or lay around bagging rays and many of them do. Our intrepid photo and video crew also spent a little time out in the crowd getting photos of non contestants who just like to hang out naked.

Tags: 2013, Shot by Cojones, Shot by Madman
Cojones And Madman Solid Photos And Video From Nudes A Poppin 2013 1 Of 3
Everything in this update is coverage from the Saturday Fan Fair, the pole dancing contest and the Miss Nude Rising Star preliminaries. And if that isn't enough these boys roamed out into the crowd and shot photos of paying customers roaming around nude. If they liked the girl they shot 100+ photos. If they didn't they only shot 50 photos. LOL! If you come to NAP and don't want your picture taken keep your clothes on. Get naked and the cameras come to life. The cutes girl to show up at NAP in 2013 was Rebel. You can see photos of her starting on Page 7. You will find more of her on page 25. There is also a bunch of video clips in this update. And, since she was a photographer favorite check the other updates of 2013. The shortest contestant to ever compete at Nudes-a-Poppin' showed up for the first time. Head for page 39 for shots of Viva le Muerte; all 4' 3" of her. It's all in this update. Enjoy!

Tags: 2013, Shot by Cojones, Shot by Madman
Nudes A Poppin 2001 Photos Shot By Glenn
This is the August show from 2001. Remember when pretty girls had never seen the inside of a Tattoo Parlor? Welcome to 2001 boys and girls. There were 73 girls registered for competition and almost no tattoos to be see. Just pretty girls with big smiles; great attitude and naked as the day they were born. This was also the era when Continental Agency would bring 10 or more of their best feature dancers to compete. All of these girls were established feature dancers. Several went on to become porn stars too. I will put a little (*) after their names. #1 Naomi Knight; #2 Jada DeVille; #3 Kloey Love: #4 Crystal Waters; #5 Exxxotica (*); #8 June Summers (*); #11 Logan Russell; #12 Devon Lee (*); #17 Aleka Davis; #18; Nocholette Frost; #20 Darien Ross (*); #23 Bridget Bordeaux; #25 Tasha Blades; #27 Crystal Heart; #28 Mercedes (*) as Nina Mercedes; And #31 Stormy Waters, who became Stormy Daniels (*) in the porn business. And speaking of Porn Stars, the guest hostess was a very Blonde Teri Weigel. Other notable contestants were two famous web site girls. Number 22 Sexy Anne Marie and #35 Trisha Uptown. Of course Ron Jeremy was there and so was Gene Simmons from KISS fame. I have always said that the early 2000 shows were some of the best ever for Nudes-a-Poppin. Check out this update and you will agree

Tags: 2001, Shot by Glenn
July 1994 Photos From Sunday At Nudes A Poppin shot by James Hamilton
By 1994 NAP was getting the attention of feature dance agencies and many of the gentlemen clubs in the Midwest. Both encouraged their girls to attend NAP and compete. Continental Agency had several girls entered in the Entertainer of the Year category. Two clubs were very supportive of NAP. One was the Mermaid Lounge in Kalamazoo, Michigan and the other was Brad's Gold Club in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both brought several of their best girls to compete. Contestant #8 from the Mermaid Lounge was #8 Amber Rose. Check her out on page 1 of the update. One of the big winners was contestant #73 from Brads Gold Club. Both of the clubs and their girls took home many trophies that day. There were a whole bunch of feature dancers competing for the Entertainer of the Year trophy and check. They included Darien Vain; Naomi Knight; Devon Michaels; Adara Michaels and Vanessa Young. All put on great shows using every trick in the book to capture the prize. The best trick was the dancer with the albino python that writhed all over her body but the penultimate trick was when she placed the head of the "live" python in her mouth! There were at least three contestants that would go on the become porn stars. They included Devon Michaels; Amanda Addams and Lovette. Look through the update and you will find photos of all of them.

Tags: 1994, Shot by James Hamilton
Nudes A Poppin 2009 Saturday Footage From Camera Guy Bill Part 1 Of 2
The video for this update is from Saturday which by 2009 had evolved into a separate festival. There were exhibitors from the Adult business and book stores. Some of the dancers set up their own booths to sell autographed photos, panties and such. Later in the day the action moved to the "Pit" for Sexy oil and shaving cream wrestling and simulated sex was the main attraction. Jaded Dawn served at round girl while Shay Lynn put on a great show in the oil pool. The photos seem to mirror the video with lots of shots of Shay Lynn, Dakota Skye who would win big time on Sunday. You can see some of Dakota on Page 3 along with Jaded Dawn and Naomi Knight. Lola Lynn is on page 2 second row right side. She was one of the hottest web models at the time. She shot a lot of work for me including solo and boy girl videos. She was one hot MILF. Heaven from Taste of Heaven made her one and only appearance at NAP. She brought with her a group of bachelor party dancers and they went home with arm loads of trophies. You will have to check out the updates of Sunday 2009 to see them in action.

Tags: 2009, Shot by Bill
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