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Welcome to the One and Only OFFICIAL website for the world famous Nudes-A-Poppin Festival held every year, for the past 40 years, here at the Ponderosa Sun Club in beautiful Roselawn, Indiana. It’s family run by 2 generations of the same family, over the years. When I’m asked to describe what Nudes a Poppin is, the best way that I have come up with over the years is to say that, “It’s a Stripper Contest, at a Nudist Resort in Indiana”. While that does get the gist across to people that may be unfamiliar with this yearly event, it really fails to convey the fact that this is more of a Nude Beauty pageant, featuring hot women, aged 18-40ish from all around… Everyone that attends is allowed and even ENCOURAGED to bring their own photo and video cameras to take photos of and shoot video of the beautiful, FULLY NUDE, contestants. As well as all of the nudity that happens out in the crowd (aka outside the event fence) I often see younger 20 something girls attending, but then getting naked also in the crowd … I started this collection of photos and video from the past and current nudes a poppin events back in 2002, when I first heard of it. I own and operate some other popular sites online (namely nebraska coeds), and so I presented the idea of opening this site to the Nudes a Poppin event organizers… After some serious negotiation, and arm twisting, they finally allowed me to make this site! This is the Internet’s ONE resource for the best quality photos and videos that have been shot at Nudes a Poppin, currently as far back as 1990. Although I am currently trying to find other sources of older Photos and Video to post as well. (*if you know someone that might have old video or photos from older nudes a poppin, please email me) We are shooting the current year(s) events using State-of-the-art 4k Sony Professional Video equipment, as well as Top of the Line, “Full Frame” SLR digital photo cameras. I hope you enjoy the site, I personally post each and every update here to the site, 2-3 times per week. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at necoeds@gmail.com, I respond very quickly to all mail. Also, ALL of the photos and video that appear on this site are EXCLUSIVE to Nudesapoppin.com and do not appear anywhere else online
Latest Network Updates
Cojones And Vman Ultra Clear Coverage Of Sunday Nap 2014 1 Of 3
This update should be called the "Itty Bitty Tittie Report" I can't say if it was Cojones or Vman, but he was certainly enamored with the A and B Cup contestants at NAP. If you want to see 20 photos or 30 photos of the same girl posing for the camera this is your update. The cutest of the bunch is Number 1 Pure Rebel. There are a lot of butt shots of her and she delighted the crowd by winking he butt hole. Mandy Candy #14 has the talent too. Two winkers.....what a treat. Now that is a skill you don't see that often! Contestant # 2 Vexvoir liked to pose in all kinds of contortionist poses that left nothing to the imagination. This girl is skinny too. The kind of skinny that shows all her ribs. Somebody take her to dinner and feed this girl! OK, There were a couple of big boob girls like Naomi Knight . Hey, how'd she get in this update?

Tags: 2014
Photos From The 2013 Nudes A Poppin Show Shot By Ricky Rich
This update is everything that happened over the Saturday & Sunday of Nudes-a-Poppin and there is so much happening that it takes 3699 Photos to show most of it. Saturday has evolved from an informal day of fun in the sun to a full day of competition That includes a pole dancing competition; and the preliminary round of Miss Nude Rising Star. These newbie feature dancers are great because the create new and sometimes very unusual shows. Take for example Isis Haze. She created a 6 foot tall metal framed spider that supported a swing. It is a wild and crazy show. It starts at page 33. If you are into midget dancers start as page 38 for all 4' 3" ov Viva la Muerte. If I mentioned any more contestants this update would become a term paper. This update will take you two nights and you will consume at least a 6 pack to while viewing all the photos

Tags: 2013
Nudes A Poppin Sunday 2000 Photos Shot By Glen
Oh boy it is time to set the WayBack machine for this update. The year 2000 broke the century mark with 106 girls signed; sealed and delivered bare ass naked into the park. Porn star Huston was the Hostess of Honor. She was fresh off of her 500 man Gang Bang video debut. This was also before she had her labia surgically removed. The labia were encased in a clear Lexan cube and sold at auction. My good friend Dennis Hof; the owner of the Bunny Ranch; purchased them and has them on display at his house. I can honestly say that I have held Houston's labia in my hot little hand! By the year 2000 feature dancers were flocking to NAP to compete. The Continental Agency showed up with over 20 top feature dancers entered in the competition. And, with the deck stacked in their favor the Continental girls went home with lots of trophies. I had to cheat and go back into my files to get the names of most of the Continental girls. Here are the names of most of the Continental Girls in no particular order. Exxxotica, Austin Dane, Darien Vain, Felicia Fox, Trisha Uptown, Lexi Lamore, Kloey Love, Leah Lane, Lacey Logan, Bridget Bordeaux, Windy Leigh, Michelle Katz, Elizabeth Starr and a 8 or 10 others. The three big winners for Miss Nude Galaxy 2000 were Michelle Katz, Austin Dane and Exxxotica.

Tags: 2000, Shot by Glenn
August 1997 Nudes A Poppin Mr Nude North America
There is a male category at NAP and why not. On any given year as much as 30% of the audience is female. Having the men increases the ticket sales! Guys can get their wives and girlfriends interested in coming with the promise of NAKED MEN. Just like the girls the male contestants are tall & short, fit and less fit, young and old, and longer or shorter if you get my drift. There are similar categories for the males to compete in, go-go dancing, coed dancing and a beauty contest for Mr. Nude North America and Mr. Nude Entertainer of the year. Trophies go to the guys as well. And, a word about the Mr. Nude Entertainer category. Many of these guys are professional male strippers. They can dance provocatively and entertain the ladies. The girls love the guys and they cheer them on at all times. A word about August 1997. It doesn't happen often but this was one of those times that it rained all day. The sky was grey and the stage was wet all day as well. But, then many women prefer their men moist!

Tags: 1997
Photos From The Entire 2005 Nap Contest Shot By Glenn
The front end of this update is all the record shots of the contestants. Match the number to the list of names. The old "can't tell the players without the score card"; from my going to the Cubs games with my mother days. There are porn star hostesses at NAP and there are porn star contestants at NAP as well. Here is a list of numbers of the girls who were either porn stars or became porn stars. #24 Angel Won the Naughty Neighbor award and she did a couple of nude magazine shoots as part of the prize. #35 Regan Anthony was a feature dancer who added porn star to her resume. #36 Naomi Knight went to California and shot a bunch of girl/girl porn. #37 Lauren Kane was shooting porn before and after she got the boob job. #41 Logan Shot some amateur Boy/Girl video #46 Bailey went to LA and basically fucked everybody in the business. #49 Sierra shot an Amateur B/G/G video. I know because I shot it. #59 Natasha Stone was a feature dancer who shot some amateur video before she migrated to LA and shot lots of B/G porn #61 Ruby. By the time she began coming to NAP she was semiretired from porn; but in her youth she was in a ton of porn with Seymour Butts and Shane. #67 Candy Manson before porn here, but shortly thereafter she was LA bound and fucking everybody in every hole. #73 JC Nicole did some amateur solo video. #85 Elektra shot some amateur G/G video with Jaded Dawn By my count 10% of the contestants at NAP 2005 were or were going to become porn stars. It is going to take you a long time to check out the 3,600+ photos in this update.

Tags: 2005
Photos From The 2007 Nudes A Poppin Event
This was the year that had it all. NAP got the biggest movie star they could find. None other than Vern Troyer who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers film The Spy Who Shagged Me. Vern has a tough time getting around in a much taller world and he had a personal assistant that carried him around on his shoulders. See Page 31. Vern participated throughout the contest and it was a riot watching him assist with the Trophy presentations which starts on Page 92 and 95. He is the only guy I have ever met that can get every girl he meets on her knees in less than 10 seconds. And, believe me when I tell you that all the girls wanted to pose for photos with Vern. There were two porn star hostesses in 2007. Feature dancer turned porn star Devon Michaels was one of them. She hosted and she performed a feature show as well. Some lucky spectators got copies of her DVD's that she threw to the audience. Mary Carey was the other Porn Princess in attendance. Mary decided to party all day and when it was her turn on stage a very intoxicated Porn Star wobbled around the stage. There were a bunch of the security guys surrounding the stage and every time Mary time almost fell off of the stage, a security guy would break her fall and push her back. It was tragically entertaining. You will always see something new at NAP. How about a girl that shaved her pubes to look like a face. Page 24 top row center is where you will find a close up. There is a hot shoot with Shay Lynn Pages 88 to 89. About half or this update is coverage of the wet T-shirt contest in the Pit where the fat chicks play. Ok, there were a lot of skinny ones too. See Pages 55 to 86 for every dripping detail. There is also a lot of girl on girl action throughout the update. When all the trophies were passed out #29 Schevelle won Miss Nude Entertainer of the year. #70 Shay Lynn was voted Miss Nude North America, and #33 Teagan won the Miss Nude Galaxy trophy. There are several updates from the 2007 show. I suggest that you check all of them out.

Tags: 2007, Shot by Brian Y
August 2002 Vintage Photos From Nudes A Poppin
Hey, I know those photos. I shot them! This group of photos were shot for Gent Magazine....Home of the D Cups, so you will only find a few photos of cute little B cup girls in the update. So, who is in these photos. Well here is the short list. Reagan Anthony, Leah Lane, she of the gapped tooth smile. Angel, the cute curly dark haired girl with the nicest set of real D cup boobs I had ever seen. She was not a dancer, but she competed for several years winning a bunch of trophies. Khloe Love performed her hilariously funny Little Miss Riding Hood show to the delight of the audience. There is good coverage of her show in this update. If you like curly haired little red heads then Emily Brooks is your girl. Rachelle Ryan was another big boobed feature that competed and trophied at NAP. She was famous for her Addams Family show. Naomi Knight competed to. This was the beginning for her. Over the next 15 years she would win dozens of trophies from NAP. Porn star Sunset was the hostess of the event. This update has a few shots of her. Sunset had a very tight body. Check out the abs on her. Page 7 third row down. There is more coverage of Sunset in other August 2002 updates. The surprise of the event was Khloe Love who took home two of the three major awards. Miss Nude North America for the beauty pageant and Miss Nude North America Entertainer of the Year. This was the only time I can remember that a contestant won two 6 foot tall trophies at the same contest.

Tags: 2002, Shot by James Hamilton
August 2003 Vintage Nap Festival Photos
This group of photos is what I shot and sent to Gent Magazine, Home of the D-Dups, so most of this update is big breasted girls. Some are real and some are hugely augmented. 2003 was one of the years that the Lumberyard in Des Moines, Iowa brought a tour bus full of dancers. When registration was complete there would be 72 female contestants. It was going to be a busy day. This update starts with photos of contestant #2 Angel. She first showed up in 1991 and won the Naughty Neighbors Magazine naughtiest neighbor. The she was an 18 year old right out of high school. Blessed with a petite body and a beautiful pair of torpedo tits equal to; or perhaps better than Tracy Lords, she was an instant hit with the crowd. She went from just being a contestant to a Rising Star Feature. She also went home with the 3rd place trophy in 2003. As far as I know she was never a professional dancer, but she came back to compete at NAP every year. Here are some of the big boob girls. #25 Sue from the Lumberyard. #60 Cashmere Coxxx ; #46 Mia Moore;#62 Kayce Lynn; #35 Racey Lacey; #19 Freedom; #66 Michelle; #3 Bridget; #26 Brooke Taylor, from the Lumberyard; #48 Sassy; #59 Roxy; #18 Sandy who came all the way from Walnut California to compete. Sunset Thomas was the guest hostess and she wowed the crowd with a very hot and explicit feature show. And, talk about a tight body. Check out the abs on Sunset. At trophy time Brook Taylor won Miss Nude North America. I had already been shooting magazine work with her and the following May I took her and two other models to Costa Rica for a week of shooting. She was a great model and the magazines loved her.

Tags: 2003
Vman And Cojones Stunning Video And Photos From Saturday Nudes A Poppin 2014 3 Of 3
Just a lazy Saturday afternoon and NAP. Two girls chilling in the pool showing you places where the sun doesn't shine. Meanwhile Alex Atopolis is working her ass of knocking down a wall of bricks. and slathering he hot body with paint. She can paint a few walls at my place (topless of course).. She is just one of over a dozen Rising Star girls competing to make the finals on Sunday. Originality is a vote getter and tight bodied Raven Knoxx did all her pole tricks blindfolded. I have never seen a water melon become a sexual object but Raven pulled that off too. NAP is famous for highly creative shows and the Rising Star girls always seem to bring in new ideas. Meanwhile at the pit; 4 naked girls are sanding the paint off of wooden penises. And this is not sponsored by Home Depot. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Enjoy the fun

Tags: 2014
Vman And Cojones Stunning Video And Photos From Saturday Nudes A Poppin 2014 2 Of 3
Hot naked girls all over the contest area. Some are posing for the photographers and video shooters; others are competing in the Miss Nude Rising Star competition, and some are just hanging out. They all have one thing in common. They are totally naked and will be so all day. NAP attracts all kinds of girls from the biggest natural heavy hanger tits of Isis Haze to cute perky tits on nasty little Mandy Candy. The best part is none of them are shy. Check out Mandy Candy's hot nasty video shoot. Saturday also features a fan fair outside the fences. Rebel is one cute girl and you get to see her pose . The stage is always busy with the Miss Nude Rising Star girls putting on shows.

Tags: 2014
Vman And Cojones Stunning Video And Photos From Saturday Nudes A Poppin 2014 1 Of 3
The calm before the storm. It takes a ton of prep to just to have the contest. Saturday morning the guys put the finishing touches to the contest area. The girls get registered and wander down to the pool area. Little by little the pace picks up and before you know it the contest is on. Pole dancing has become a staple of the gentlemen's clubs and NAP provides a showcase for some of the best dancers. Check out the hot red head Justice. She is one of the queens of the pole. Heck even the pole cleaners are hot chicks. Ron Jeremy has been hosting NAP for 34 years and this year he makes a special Saturday appearance.

Tags: 2014
Photos From The Private Saturday Magazine Shoot At Nudes A Poppin 2007
Saturdays at Nudes-s-Poppin' have become major events and often just as entertaining as the Sunday show. In 2007 the park filled up with early arrivals and the afternoon started with group shoots will all the girls. Cheri magazine always needs a group shot of all the girl nude and with the coveted Cheri shirts. It was always possible to get a couple of the girls to shoot a few quickies too. Naked girls always seem to go well with cars and motorcycles so, this year a custom Harley and a Hummer were commandeered into photo service. Next stop was off the stadium section for sexy posing & dancing. Then it was time to have a wet T-shirt contest. Adara Michaels did the hosing of the girls. It took her a long time to hose down that many girls; but Who Cares!!!! And, once they are all naked and wet then maybe it's time to rub bodies together. I just love good clean fun! Eventually Shay Lauren was declared the winner.

Tags: 2007
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