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Welcome to the One and Only OFFICIAL website for the world famous Nudes-A-Poppin Festival held every year, for the past 40 years, here at the Ponderosa Sun Club in beautiful Roselawn, Indiana. It’s family run by 2 generations of the same family, over the years. When I’m asked to describe what Nudes a Poppin is, the best way that I have come up with over the years is to say that, “It’s a Stripper Contest, at a Nudist Resort in Indiana”. While that does get the gist across to people that may be unfamiliar with this yearly event, it really fails to convey the fact that this is more of a Nude Beauty pageant, featuring hot women, aged 18-40ish from all around… Everyone that attends is allowed and even ENCOURAGED to bring their own photo and video cameras to take photos of and shoot video of the beautiful, FULLY NUDE, contestants. As well as all of the nudity that happens out in the crowd (aka outside the event fence) I often see younger 20 something girls attending, but then getting naked also in the crowd … I started this collection of photos and video from the past and current nudes a poppin events back in 2002, when I first heard of it. I own and operate some other popular sites online (namely nebraska coeds), and so I presented the idea of opening this site to the Nudes a Poppin event organizers… After some serious negotiation, and arm twisting, they finally allowed me to make this site! This is the Internet’s ONE resource for the best quality photos and videos that have been shot at Nudes a Poppin, currently as far back as 1990. Although I am currently trying to find other sources of older Photos and Video to post as well. (*if you know someone that might have old video or photos from older nudes a poppin, please email me) We are shooting the current year(s) events using State-of-the-art 4k Sony Professional Video equipment, as well as Top of the Line, “Full Frame” SLR digital photo cameras. I hope you enjoy the site, I personally post each and every update here to the site, 2-3 times per week. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at necoeds@gmail.com, I respond very quickly to all mail. Also, ALL of the photos and video that appear on this site are EXCLUSIVE to Nudesapoppin.com and do not appear anywhere else online
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August 1996 Nap Festival Photos
You'd better keep an eye open for the August 1996 contest as it was a great event. There were lots of feature dancers competing along with almost 100 beautiful girls of all sizes, shapes and colors. That is one of the great things about NAP.... there is something for everybody. It was a great year for red heads. Amanda Addams came back sporting a new more curvaceous body. Linda Sides was also there with long red hair down to her butt. Carly Sparks was another great red head. Like your girls tall. Check out Liberty Leggs.....all 6' 3" of her without the heels! Now that is a girl you have to look up to. Adara Michaels co hosted the show with Ron Jeremy. She also found time to wow the crowd with her signature "Leave Your Hat On" show. The porn star hostess was Nina Hartly. When it was all over Naomi Knight took home the 6 foot trophy for Miss Nude North America.

Tags: 1996
Photos From The 2005 Nudes A Poppin Show By Brian
I knew the 2005 NAP Show was going to be great when the Lumber Yard from Des Moines, Iowa rolled in on Friday with two tour busses loaded with beautiful hot and sexy dancers who were already naked when they got off the busses. By the time registration was concluded on Sunday morning; over a 100 girls were signed up. The 2005 show was crashed by the wildest, craziest, most uninhibited bunch of girls on the planet. It was two days of nonstop naked botchery. If you don't believe me check out over 1,800 photos of what I just said. Let's talk celebrities. Ron Jeremy, John Popper from Blues Traveler, Vanilla Ice, and Dennis Hof the owner of the Bunny Ranch were "In the House!" Devon Michaels who had competed and won the big trophy in August 1995 was back as the Porn Star Celebrity. It doesn't get any better than this. You'll love the group shot with Ron Jeremy surrounded by all the girls. Just check out the smile on his face. Yeah! another shitty day at Nudes a Poppin'. The photos cover everything that happened on Saturday and Sunday. You will not miss anything that happened.

Tags: 2005, Shot by Brian Y
August 1998 Nap Festival Photos
If you were a feature dancer in the 1990's an appearance at Nudes-s-Poppin' was a must. The August 1998 show was overrun with Features like Windy Leigh, Darien Vain, Naomi Knight, Tasha Blaze, Jada DeVille, Amber Alexander, Lexi Lamour, Jean Jean the Dancing Machine, Adara Michaels and Leah Lane. Jasmine St. Claire was the Porn Star hostess; fresh off her World's Biggest Gang Bang video where she purportedly had sex with 300 men over a 24 hour period. Looking none the worse for wear she did a nice job as hostess and she also did a feature dance show as well. And, boy was it a hot show. Once naked she allowed two guys to pour hot wax all over her body and pussy. Jasmine returned the favor by pouring hot wax on one of the guys penis. Can you say ouch! He did! That show alone was certainly worth the price of admission but, it was only one of probably 18 feature shows throughout the day. When it was all over Jean Jean the Dancing Machine won the Nude Entertainer of the year trophy and Naomi Knight won the Beauty Pageant 6 foot trophies

Tags: 1998
August 1998 Mr Nude North America Nudes A Poppin Contest
Nudes a Poppin' is and equal opportunity contest and every year you can count on 15 to 20 male contestants participating in the event. There are lots of ladies in the audience and they certainly love seeing the guys perform on stage. However, the biggest fans of the male contestants are the female contestants who hoot, holler and cheer on the male entertainers. While some are just average guys there are guys who are great dancers and male entertainers. Of course if you're not interested in the guys then maybe it's a good time to get rid of some of the beer you have been drinking all afternoon!

Tags: 1998
Front Row At The Nudes A Poppin 2011 Sunday Show By Glenn Part 2 Of 2
Nudes-a-Poppin is nonstop entertainment. Before you click on the video go get a cup of coffee, or a coke, or a beer because what is coming at you is over an hour of nonstop entertainment. In the video there are male feature dancers, male go-go dancers followed by Dakota Skye doing her signature nasty puppet show. I have seen several features do this show over the years, but Dakota Skye knocks it out of the park with her version. No matter how many times I see the show I still enjoy it. The audience members who see it for the first time go wild and cheer like crazy. The stills cover some of the dancing, but there are lots and lots of photos of the wieners and winners; if you catch my drift.

Tags: 2011
August 2001 Saturday Contest At The Nudes A Poppin Festival
OK, so it's Saturday afternoon and you have this group of totally naked dancers bored out of their minds with nothing to do. I know! Give them some whipped cream, bananas and let them get creative. Why write a description when we have the photos as proof of what happened. The participants in this little escapade include EXXXOTICA, Sexy Anne Marie, Adara Michaels, June Summers, Jada DeVille, Felicia, Khloe Love, Naomi Knight, Devon Lee, Darien Ross, Rebecca Love and a few more crazy girls. Thank God we got the group shot taken first.

Tags: 2001
Front Row At The Nudes A Poppin 2011 Sunday Show By Glenn Part 1 Of 2
2011 Was the 35 year the Ponderosa Sun Club has been hosting the Nudes-a-Poppin’ Contest at their 250 acre nudist camp, out in corn country, south of Gary, Indiana. Regardless of the temperature it is always a hot time with 50 to 100 smokin’ hot naked girls parading around for 7 to 8 hours. Sometimes Mother Nature makes the day even hotter by raising the temperature a few degrees. That was the case this year as the Sunday temperature rose to the mid 90’s and the heat index was over 100 degrees. However, the show has never been cancelled and the only interruption of a show has been rain squalls and lightning. No one wants to be dancing on a wet stage with two 10’ tall brass poles anchored to it. Bree Olson was the porn star hostess. The guest star was rock drummer and sexy maniac Phil Varone. Hey, why not have a rehabbed sex maniac at an event full of naked girls. It makes perfect sense to me. Included in this update are photos of Jaded Dawn (page 22), Adrina Diablo (starting around page 19) and a few shots of porn star Candy Manson on page . And I saved the best part for last. THERE IS A HOURS WORTH OF VIDEO INCLUDING THE BEAUTIFUL ADRIANA DIABLO! Look for the balance of the contest and winners in Part 2.

Tags: 2011
August 2002 Nap Festival Photos From Saturday
Is this the National Farm Show or Nudes-a-Poppin'? That is what you might say if you walked into the group photo shoot on Saturday afternoon. An old John Deere tractor and a hay rig never looked better then when it was covered by two dozen beautiful naked girls. That's one way to keep 'em down on the farm. I made sure that everybody knew that Gent Magazine was in the park with a group shot of the big bobbed girls. Future porn star Regan Anthony made her first visit to The Ponderosa Sun Club. She found herself a willing girl friend and I got to shoot a little wet and wild fun at a private hot tub.

Tags: 2002
Cojones And Vman Ultra Clear Coverage Of Sunday Nap 2014 3 Of 3
This is the itty bitty tittie photo segment. The first 11 pages are devoted to contestant #1 Pure Rebel. The Black Hated Raven Knox #10. Shots of perennial contestant Ivy Lee are next and then pages 15 to half way through page 28 are devoted to Mandy Candy. Up next is Raquel #54 From page 28 to 38. Next up is #11 Allie from pages 39 to 42. At the end of page 42 contestant #2 is Vexvoir. Her 15 minutes of fame last through page 56. Pure Rebel #1 comes back for a romp in the pool too. She finishes the photos with some great butt arched out of the water shots. Don't miss those. And that ends the tribute to itty bitty tittie girls at Nudes-a-Poppin' 2014. The half hour of video has video of all of the above girls.

Tags: 2014
August 2000 Nudes A Poppin Photos
I guess the word went out and every dancer with big tits was invited to the August 2000 Nudes-a-Poppin' contest. Maybe it should have been called Tits-a-Poppin'! I know that Continental Agency was there and they were responsible for over 20 of the girls. The porn star of the day was Houston and Adara Michaels helped out with the hostess duties as well. Ron Jeremy was there as always. So who brought their big tits to the party. Here is a partial list; Darien Vain, Lizzy Mills, Maxine Monroe, Naomi Knight, Darien Ross, Erica Steele, Shannon from Club Vogue in Columbia, MO and Brandy from Black Jacks. And, speaking of Black Jacks; they brought a huge tour bus down from Chicago with 11 girls on board and took home the trophy for the club bringing the most girls. If someone can remember a few more put their name in the comments section. The most interesting thing happened with the awards. At the time the top ten contestants were divided up between the feature dancers and the second group was house dancers or other amateurs. The trophies are always handed out from 10th place to 1st place. Number 52 was announced as the winner and every photographer around me went HUH!. She was a 40 something housewife from Kansas if I remember correctly. You are free to post your winner in the comments section.

Tags: 2000
Cojones And Vman Ultra Clear Coverage Of Sunday Nap 2014 2 Of 3
These photos will give you some sense to the non-stop atmosphere of Sunday at Nudes-a-Poppin'. Because of the large number of contestants the girls and guys only get a limited amount of time on the main stage. Most of their time is spent hanging around inside the fence talking with other contestants. This is prime time to get a girl and shoot a whole bunch of photos of her or to shoot a lot of candid shots of the girls and guys. This group of photos is mostly behind the scenes and candid shots of the contestants. Like #27 Hunter; #10 Raven Knox: #49 the Puerto Rican Princess: #16 J. C. Nicole #2 Pure Rebel; #14 Mandy Candy; #25 Stacia; #40 Justice; #2 Vexvior; #21 Naomi Knight; #45 Ashlyn Marie; #Tabu and a bevy of other girls. On stage you have #44 Kimberly Johnson and #4 Karissa performing. The video is the same content with lots of clips of the girls and the goings on all over the contest area. Enjoy!

Tags: 2014
August 2001 Nap Festival Pics shot by James Hamilton
August 2001 has to be one of the premier events at Nudes-a-Poppin'. The guest of honor was no other than Gene Simmons of KISS fame. He came, he saw, he was mobbed by the contestants, he signed audience members boobs, and he helped pass out the mountain of trophies to the best group of contestants to ever compete at NAP. The guest hostess was Janine Lindemulder who did a feature show to remember. Her feature show broke all the rules and the audience loved it. They couldn't throw her out because she wasn't competing, and the folks at NAP had paid her a lot of cash to be there. So she got off with a warning ticket! This update is all the photos I shot and submitted to Gent Magazine...Home of the D-Cups. You won't find and B-cup girls in these shots. But, not to worry as several dozen big boob girls competed at NAP in August. Here are photos of them. And what a lineup of monster tits. Check out the winners shots on Page 14. L to R Naomi Knight; June Summers; Tasha Blades; Stormy Waters (Daniels); Sexy Anne Marie; Mercedes; Exxxotica; Crystal Waters (just a real B-Cup but cute as they come; Khloe Love and Jada Deville. And those were just the winners. Also competing at NAP was Devon Lee; Maeve with her new boobies; and a few more that I can't remember their names. Hell it was 14 years ago. When the day ended the top three winners were Maeve; Mercedes and Naomi Knight. For my money (but I get in free) August 2001 was the best show ever! Enjoy

Tags: 2001, Shot by James Hamilton
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