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Welcome to the One and Only OFFICIAL website for the world famous Nudes-A-Poppin Festival held every year, for the past 40 years, here at the Ponderosa Sun Club in beautiful Roselawn, Indiana. It’s family run by 2 generations of the same family, over the years. When I’m asked to describe what Nudes a Poppin is, the best way that I have come up with over the years is to say that, “It’s a Stripper Contest, at a Nudist Resort in Indiana”. While that does get the gist across to people that may be unfamiliar with this yearly event, it really fails to convey the fact that this is more of a Nude Beauty pageant, featuring hot women, aged 18-40ish from all around… Everyone that attends is allowed and even ENCOURAGED to bring their own photo and video cameras to take photos of and shoot video of the beautiful, FULLY NUDE, contestants. As well as all of the nudity that happens out in the crowd (aka outside the event fence) I often see younger 20 something girls attending, but then getting naked also in the crowd … I started this collection of photos and video from the past and current nudes a poppin events back in 2002, when I first heard of it. I own and operate some other popular sites online (namely nebraska coeds), and so I presented the idea of opening this site to the Nudes a Poppin event organizers… After some serious negotiation, and arm twisting, they finally allowed me to make this site! This is the Internet’s ONE resource for the best quality photos and videos that have been shot at Nudes a Poppin, currently as far back as 1990. Although I am currently trying to find other sources of older Photos and Video to post as well. (*if you know someone that might have old video or photos from older nudes a poppin, please email me) We are shooting the current year(s) events using State-of-the-art 4k Sony Professional Video equipment, as well as Top of the Line, “Full Frame” SLR digital photo cameras. I hope you enjoy the site, I personally post each and every update here to the site, 2-3 times per week. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at necoeds@gmail.com, I respond very quickly to all mail. Also, ALL of the photos and video that appear on this site are EXCLUSIVE to Nudesapoppin.com and do not appear anywhere else online
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July 1998 Mr Nude Galaxy Competition At Nudes A Poppin
If you do a quick scan of the audience at Nudes-a-Poppin' you will see that at least 30 percent of them are ladies, and while they certainly enjoy the female contestants they cheer wildly for swingin' dick. While some of the male contestants are just average guys doing it for the thrill of the competition, there are others that are seasoned male entertainers. These are the guys that dance at the bachelorette parties, and in all male reviews. These fellows are talented dancers and many of them can outperform the female features. The guys compete in Male Go-Go Dancing; Male Entertainer of the Year and Mr. Nude Galaxy A few of them find a lady partner for some sexy dancing in the Couples Go-Go Dancing competition. The winners take home the same trophies as the girls.

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